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100 Superworms

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(Zophobas morio)

A Bearded Dragon's Favorite!

Another excellent pet food source. Superworms are the larvae of a beetle and are loaded with protein. Superworms are approximately 2" long, have a soft body and a super long life span. Our Superworms are sold by the bulk of 250's 500's or 1000's or are prepackaged, 100 per cup.

Bulk Superworms should be stored in a plastic box at room temperature. Feed only small bits of vegetable matter, but not more than they will eat in a day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not refrigerate Superworms. It will kill them.

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Thank you SO much for the way you packaged my super worms! That was SO NICE to be able to just lift out the mesh bag and dump them into my container rather than chasing them down inside the box with egg crates (how someone else shipped them to me. I'll never do business with them again, anyway, after they charged me almost $20.00 in shipping. I could have doubled my order here for what they charged me!) Thanks again for that great way of packing, I really appreciated it. E. G.
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Mike i am a first time buyer with crickets and i found all the reviews to be true. When i recieved my shipment i was VERY VERY PLEASED. I am impressed on the worms and crickets. Keep up the great business. your new customer C.C.
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best place for crickets online I have tried them all and none compare to the quality of crickets you provide.Hardly any DOAs if any at all and always over the count. I only wish that you sold hornworms so I could use you guys for all my feeder needs
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what day i am going to gey my superworms
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