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110 Crickets 1/2" One Half

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Our Premium Disease Free, Pest Free Crickets Crickets in a smaller quantity for your convenience.

You choose the size. Because of the low price of this product, we do not offer a live delivery guarantee. 

We ship Monday-Thursday from Georgia depending on your location. 

If you order pinhead or 1/8" crickets, you should choose Next Day Air (or Standard Shipping in GA, SC, Al).  Tiny crickets are very fragile and hard to ship.

If you have a baby Baby Bearded Dragon, the smallest cricket size you should choose is 1/4".


Customer Reviews

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I just orded 250 crickets for my lizard. I ordered them on Monday and got them today, Thursday. I opened the box and they were all dead. Not a single one alive. The temperature at night time was around 40 degrees, and I ordered the night time temperature package (Which is just a stinkin hand warmer thrown in the box) and they were still dead. I called them today, and could not get my money back or a re-shipment of crickets. Even though it says that you can. I am very dissatisfied. This is the first time I ordered online and I am probably not going to do it again. This site has amazing reviews though.. But I have no idea why. Thats the only reason I ordered. - Michael Artley
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I think the owners of this website write a bunch of fake reviews to get business because their product and customer service is about as poor as it gets.
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My first couple of orders with premium crickets went fairly smooth, but my last 2 shipments from them have been horrible. I have 2 bearded dragons and order 2000 crickets at a time. My last 2 shipments half of the crickets were dead on arrival. I can understand the issues with the cricket virus and heatwave, but premium crickets did not work with me to resolve me order. I would never order from them again.
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I was very suprised when I got my orders and none of them were dead! I ordered 2 different size crickets and they are all healthy. This was my first time ever buying crickets online and they are healthier than the ones i get from the stores around here! I will definatly be doing business with you guys again! Thanks Mike! Lori M.
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These crickets were incredibly healthy. I ordered pinheads and 1/8ths. Both containers were full of very healthy and live crickets. I couldn't even find a single dead one when I transfered them to my containers. Weeks later and I still have plenty of live crickets. Cheaper and better then what's available in my local pet stores, without a doubt 5 stars from me.
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I agree with another customer's comments. My first 3 orders were great. I just rec'd my 4th order of 110 and they were all dead except a few that were wiggling around. I will order the amount the guarantee next time. A little disappointed that I spent all that money on shipping to receive a can full of dead crickets.
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I just wanted to tell you guys that I have ordered crickets and superworms from you guys three times now and I am so happy with your service. There is minimal death during shipping and the crickets are so healthy that I rarely have any die off. You guys are the best. I would highly recommend your service! Feel free to use my quotes...... I love your service! Thanks Carla Sewell
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they were late. but they were really healthy. the box was a little confusing though. i will be getting more soon. Em from Texas.
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