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Our Premium Disease Free, Pest Free, Live Crickets. You choose the size!

  • Many cricket farmers have tried but few have succeeded in producing a cricket that is as healthy and hearty as ours.  We cut no corners when it comes to raising our crickets. If you ordered from other sources in the past, you will appreciate the pristine quality cricket and professional package that gets delivered to you.
  • Buy in bulk for an even better value.

Live Delivery Guarantee when following these guidelines:

  • Choose Winter Packaging if temperatures are below 50 and above 30.
  • No ordering of crickets if your transit night time temperatures are below 30 degrees (if you order, we will ship with no guarantee)
  • Selection of "Next Day Air" Shipping service (or Standard Shipping in GA, SC, Al)  if you order 1/8" or pinhead crickets

What if my crickets arrive dead?

  • When crickets get cold, they go into a dormant state.  Prior to calling us, heat your crickets up for around an hour and most times, they will come back to life.

How long can I keep my crickets alive?

  • The life span of a cricket is 8 to 10 weeks.  Your goal should be to order enough crickets to last you for around 1 month.
  • Try ordering more smaller crickets and let them grow into larger ones.  You'll find that your trip to Pet Smart to buy 12 cent each crickets will be over!
  • All of the products that you need to feed your cricket for that month can be found in our Kricket Complete Kit.  Getting creative with apples and oranges only leads to a smelly cricket container.

I just bought a Baby Bearded Dragon

  • If you have a baby Baby Bearded Dragon, the smallest cricket size you should choose is 1/4".

Customer Reviews

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Thank you so much! My baby beardie loves your crickets! They are the perfect size and they are all alive! We used to buy crickets at petsmart, it added up to about 60$ a month!!

But now that a breeder suggested your site we are saving 30$ a month!

Thank you so much!!
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OK so I ordered from you before, and I sent in a review saying how happy I was about your Crickets and your service.. So now I decided to order from your company again.. Talk about NOT being pleased and seeing the other side of things.. Not only were about 25% of the crickets dead, another about 25% or more were tiny lil crickets when I ordered 3/4 size.. So I did my part and contacted ur company, sent a couple emails about the situation.. To my suprise I get an email in return saying that in my next order I should put in a note stating that Mike wants an extra 250 crickets included to make up for the bad ones.. Why should I have to pay shipping twice when I am disappointed with your service what makes you think I want to order from you again??? Since then I have not heard from your company, so I guess I am left with nothing even though I followed my end of things, and also the weather was good.. The weather had nothing to do with you sending me tiny lil crickets yet you wont replace your mistakes.. Talk about bad business.. I had referred several people to order from you guys.. Well I will no longer be ordering from you, but my business associates wont be either..I am a reptile breeder and I will definetly be putting the word out there about your business practices.. Buyer Beware they are only nice til something goes wrong and they have to replace something and expect you to pay shipping again when you already paid the first time and its their mistake.. Dee Jersey City, NJ
Was this review helpful?

Like Dee from Jersey City, a lot of my crickets were dead. However, I ordered during when the guarantee was suspended, and it was not Premium Crickets fault. I don't know where you usually order from, Dee, but Premium Crickets has some of the most accurate sizing available; I recently ordered from Fluker's, and the crickets varied so much in size that some were actually almost a half inch larger than others. And my order from Fluker farms had 15 woolly worms in it, and I'm still finding some. Not so with my Premium Crickets order. I haven't contacted Fluker's, but I seriously doubt that they will add on an extra 250 crickets to my next order. In my opinion, that is excellent customer service; do yourself a favor and stick with Premium Crickets.
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we have been ordering from this company for over 5 years, but the one time our shipment was damaged, the way we were treated was completely inexcusable!!! they were so rude! i have never, been treated like that before! not only did the charge us a reshipment fee- they were verbally abusive and sentus a package in worse condition than the first! do not order from this company!!
Was this review helpful?

Well I hate going to the pet store knowing they're ripping me off with their prices. So I have turned to premium and so far its been a good service. The crickets seem to all be alive and the right size every time. I did though recently order from Fluker's, because it seemed cheaper. In the package I received a huge spider mixed with my crickets. I did E-mail customer service but no help. I will stick with Premium where I know a huge man eating spider won't be included. My bearded dragon is growing and growing fast so keep up the cricket colony!!!
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half of my first crickets were dead, but the rest were alive and well. I also found a wooly worm in there, but I am keeping it as a pet.
Was this review helpful?

I ordered 500 crickets for my daughter's beardie 12 days ago, and at the rate the beardie eats, we expected them to last 20 days. She told me this morning she ran out yesterday. I called and spoke to Mike, a wonder fully polite man with a cute accent from across the pond. I told him it looks like we couldn't have received 500 crickets, and 250 was more likely. I also said I'd be needing to order more crickets. He explained that it's hard for them to look back that far to see what happened, but he would try, and I could place the order for more crickets over the phone with him when he got back to me. He called me back later and said he wasn't able to find anything to show what could have happened. I told him I understood, and thanked him for his effort. I figured that was that, and moved into placing the new order, this time for 1000. To my surprise and pleasure, he offered the crickets to me for free, and had me only pay for the shipping. I really appreciate this. I do not expect a vendor to take my word for something like this, and was happy enough that he'd spent time looking into it for me. Mike, you guys are THE BEST!! Thank you so much for the excellent customer service! You've just gained another loyal customer!!
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i ordered from 1000 crickets premium crickets and there were like 200-300 dead. I ordered them when the temp outside was 45-60 all day so I don't know why they died but, fast shipping and good besides that.
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