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250 Wax Worms

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(Galleria mellonella)

250 Wax Worms (Approximate)

If your temperature is above 80 degrees during the day, you must select FedEx Overnight Shipping in order to receive our guarantee.  Wax worms cannot tolerate high temperatures.

Hot Weather Shipping

If your day time temperatures are hot, consider having your package shipped to a FedEx Customer Center.  The FedEx trucks get quite hot during the day and can cook your worms.  If you ship your order to the FedEx Customer Center,  they will hold your order until you come and pick it up.  The chances of dead worms will be minimized.

When you check out your order, fill out the "Ship To" address with the address of the FedEx Customer Center.  Make sure you put in your correct phone number so the center can contact you once it arrives.

FedEx Customer Centers only receive shipments that are shipped via FedEx Overnight Services.  The Customer Centers do not handle FedEx Ground Home Delivery Shipments.


Buy in larger quantities and save! 

An excellent treat for your pet. Thin skinned and soft bodied. Many breeders use Wax Worms to 'fatten up' their reptile.

One of the best all around fishing bait on the market.  Used for Trout and Pan fishing.  Works very well for Ice Fishing.

Wax worms are sold prepackaged 250 to the cup. Wax Worms cannot tolerate high temperatures and are best maintained between 55 and 65 degrees. 

When you receive your wax worms, remove any condensation from the lid before putting in your refrigerator.  There is no need to feed the wax worm as they have entered a stage where they will no longer consume any food.

We sell a measured volume and not a counted volume.  The worms vary in size and sometimes you will get more than the count and sometimes less.

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