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Grow your own Soldier Fly Larva from the organic waste in your own home!

After working with our Reptile, Bird, Fish, and Chicken Customers for over 10 years, I get a lot of different requests.  Many of you are "Do-It-Yourselfers".  Meaning - you don't mind growing your own food sources for your Reptiles.

I've explain to hundreds of you how to grow crickets, mealworms, superworms, wax worms.  But I'm sure that most of you don't make it past the first month - because the truth is - it's not worth the time.

Well, finally there is a way to grow your own animal food with very little effort.  If you own any of the following, you need to give serious consideration to this product:
  • Lizards
  • Turtles
  • Chickens
  • Fish
  • Turkeys
How does it work?

I will post links learning resources for the BioPod Plus.  But in a nut shell, here is how it works.

You put the BioPod Unit outside.  Take your organic table scraps (what you would normally throw away) and place inside the bin.  The scraps attract all insects; however, the soldier fly is the dominant insect and will crowd out the rest.

The Soldier Fly only lives for 3 days and will lay hundreds of eggs inside your BioPod.  The eggs mature into a grub.  The natural tendency of the grub is to crawl up.  The BioPod has a ramp for the grub to crawl up and a hole on the top of the ramp.  Once the grub crawls into the hole, they fall into a removable container.

When you need to feed your animal, remove the container and you have a ready source of fresh and highly nutritious Soldier Fly grubs.

You are left with a great Organic Fertilizer!

After the Soldier Fly grub quickly eats through your waste, you have a great fertilizer left inside your BioPod.  Scoop it out and place around your flowers or in your garden.  Wow!

Don't let all the literature scare you.

From this page, I have lots of links to literature associated with the BioPod.  Many years of research went into this product.  You don't have to understand and read all of the material, but it is there if you need it.  Start out simple, and then go to the other material for reference.

Where do I get Soldier Flies?

Zoom in on the map of the United States that you see on this page.  If you live in Zone 7,8, or 9, Soldier Flies are native to the area.  Just place your organic waste in the BioPod outside and the flies will come.

If you live outside that zone in a colder environment, you may need to get a starter kit.  We sell the Phoenix Worm on this site which is the Soldier Fly.  Get a couple cups of Phoenix Worms and separate the worms from the matter in the cup.  Let the worms mature into flies and you are ready to go.

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