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1 full box of Acheta Domestica cricket eggs.  Each box contains approximately 60,000 cricket eggs.  The count will vary depending on laying conditions.

We lay approximately 20,000 crickets for one day to produce the eggs you receive.

When you receive your box of eggs, place in a container and warm to approximately 90 degrees for best results.

Eggs will hatch out approximately 5 to 7 days from receipt on eggs.

Make sure you mist the eggs will water.  Do not let them dry out.

Overnight shipping is preferred to achieve the highest yeild.

Our inventory of cricket eggs vary depending on demand.  We will ship your order out when it is ready.  Because the success of hatching these eggs out dependings mainly on the customers set up, we offer no guarantees for this product.  We advise prior to ordering this product, you call us for a consultation to ensure you have the right hatching conditions.

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I wish they had more quantity options because I am struggling to find a place that sells smaller quantities of cricket eggs.
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Was this review helpful?