Shipping Policy

Shipping & Guarantee Policy

We ship Monday-Thursday with FedEX from Mississippi depending on your location.  Shipping live insects is very sensitive, so please read this entire page prior to making your order.

Live Crickets/Worms tend to die in a warehouse if they sit over the weekend. All guaranteed shipments will be released to shipping only if the package can avoid the weekend wait.  If your shipment is damaged in transit, do not refuse the shipment!  Please accept the shipment and call us to make other arrangements.

Shipping chart to determine if your order will ship
if placed before 2:00 EST

Insects Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Friday
FedEX Ground (Commercial & Home Delivery) Yes Yes Yes Yes* No
FedEX 2nd Day Air Yes Yes Yes No No
FedEX Priority Air Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Airport Schedule is Flexible

* Only for Ground orders shipped to Mississippi, Louisianan, and parts of Alabama.

Cut-off time for same day shipping is 2:00 Eastern Standard Time.

What does Shipping Cost?

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Live Delivery Guarantee

Our LIVE PRODUCTS are guaranteed to be delivered live if you if the following is met:

1.)  You must be present to accept the package, if Fed Ex must leave the package at your door and you are not home to accept it, we CANNOT guarantee the shipment.

2.)  Choose Winter Packaging if temperatures are below 50.  

3.)  You must select "FedEX Priority Overnight" shipping service if your temperature (from the time we ship to the time FedEX delivers) is below 30 or above 80.

4.) If your temperatures drop below 20 degrees or above 100 degrees, all guarantees are void. We will ship it regardless so please call us and have us hold the shipment until better weather permits!

5.) You must notify us withing 24 hours of delivery if there is a problem with your order, or within 24 hours of when your shipment was due to be delivered in the case of a lost package. Tracking your shipment is your responsibility, please make sure your email address on file is up to date so that you will receive your tracking information. 

We only guarantee crickets worms that are ordered of a quantity 500 or above.  If you order a smaller amount and they arrive dead, we will add worms to your next order to compensate for your loss.

If your temperatures go BELOW 30 degrees or ABOVE 80 degrees, you must choose the FedEX Priority Overnight shipping method to get the live delivery guarantee.  

We do not offer money back guarantees once an order is placed.

$4.95 Order Reprocessing Fee

In the event you receive a dead box of crickets or worms.  We charge a $4.95 fee to reprocess and reship your order.  On average, we only have to reship .5% of all our orders.

We reserve the right to determine if we will make a replacement shipment to you in the event of DOA or add more crickets at no charge to your next order.

Shipping to an Apartment

Fedex will deliver your package to an Apartment.  However, they will not leave the package at the front door of an Apartment if you are not there.  If you make an order and have shipped to an Apartment, it is your responsibility to be home when FedEX makes their delivery.  If you cannot be home, have the shipment sent to your place of employment or to a friend's house.

We will not guarantee shipments where FedEX makes an attempt to deliver to an Apartment and no one is home.

Consider Shipping your Crickets and Worms to a FedEX Staffed Location

You may consider shipping to an authorized Fed Ex pick up location, to avoid long hours in very high or low temperatures. 

First ensure that that facility accepts LIVE SHIPMENTS, if you fail to check ahead and the delivery is delayed or denied, we are not responsible for that shipment or any loss you may experience.

To find the closest location of a FedEX Staffed Service Center near you, click on this FedEX Locator and enter your zip code.

Do a search on FedEX staffed Location.  If you find one close to you, choose your "Ship To" address as the address of the FedEX staffed location.

Your order will avoid the hot trip in the FedEX van and FedEX will call you when they arrive.

Please note:  FedEX also lists authorized reseller locations.  These locations may or may not charge a pick up fee.  FedEX Staffed Locations do not charge a pick up fee.

Shipping to a PO Box

Only the Post Office can ship to a PO Box.  Since we don't use the Post Office as a shipper, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. It is your responsibility to put in the correct shipping address.  We need a physical address. 

If you put in an incorrect address and we ship, FedEX will try to find the correct address and make the correction.  FedEx will charge us $10.00 for the service.  That $10.00 will be charged back to you - so please make sure you put in your correct address!

If the delivery is delayed due to you putting in the wrong address, the guarantee is void.

Cold Weather Shipping Option
Crickets and Worms live within a given temperature range.  If the temperature is too cold they will die.  During cold weather spells, we add extra packaging to your cricket shipment.  The cost of the cold weather packaging is $3.00 per box for the packaging. During the ordering process you'll have the opportunity to select the Cold Weather Package option.

If the transit temperature in your area is between 30 and 20 degrees, choose the winter pack and FedEX Priority Overnight shipping service if you want the guarantee.

When Insects get too cold they go dormant. Before calling us please allow at least 3 hours under a heatsource for the insects to warm up. Most of the time this allows them to spring into life.

We'll do everything in our power to make sure you receive clean, fresh, live, and healthy crickets and worms!

Hot Weather Shipping

If your temperature is above 80 degrees, we will ship the shipment but there will be no guarantee. You can still get your worms or crickets, but you'll have to forgo the guarantee. If your temperatures go above 80 degrees, to get the live delivery guarantee, you must choose Priority overnight only, not Next day air Saver. (Ground for Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina - Overnight shipping for all other states) Temperatures above 90 degrees no guarantee with any shipping method.

Normal Weather Shipping

When the temperature is above 50 degrees and below 80 degrees, we rarely have any problems with shipping.  In the rare event that your crickets or worms do arrive all dead, call us at (234) PET-FOOD and we'll immediately make another shipment of worms to your location and charge you the $4.95 reprocessing.  If part of your live delivery arrives dead, we will compensate by adding free live products to your next order.