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100 Giant Mealworms

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(Tenebrio molkitor)
100 Giant Mealworms (Approximate)

Hot Weather Shipping

If your day time temperatures are hot, consider having your package shipped to a Fedex Ship Center.  The Fedex trucks get quite hot during the day and can cook your worms.  If you ship your order to the Fedex Ship Center,  they will hold your order until you come and pick it up.  The chances of dead worms will be minimized.

When you check out your order, fill out the "Ship To" address with the address of the Fedex Ship Center.  Make sure you put in your correct phone number so the center can contact you once it arrives.


Giant Mealworms, a fish bait and pet food source, are high in protein and have an excellent shelf life. Giant Mealworms are sold by the bulk of 100's, 250's, 500's or 1,000's. Giant Mealworms should be stored in a bedding such as worm chow, changing it when all that remains is dust. You can also throw in small bits of vegetable matter. 

We sell a measured volume and not a counted volume.  The worms vary in size and sometimes you will get more than the count and sometimes less.

To store giant mealworms for longer periods, refrigerate them at a temperature of 45 degrees to cause them to go dormant. Make sure you take them out once a week, and allow them to warm up for a few hours and feed them carrots for moisture.  Throw the carrot out and return back to the refrigerator.

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by on January 27, 2009

I have ordered both crickets & worms from your company and have always been impressed by speed in shipping and the conditions they arrive in. I have even recommended you to my breeder and people at the reptile expos I visit. Thank you for a job well done. God bless, Denise Plude p.s. My bearded dragon, Elliot just love the variety of feeders available to him.

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by on October 28, 2007

i just got my mealworms, and they are superb! they are so active and look a lot healthier tahn the ones that i have been getting at a petstore. my leopard geckos, Sappire, Taffy,Lewigie and Bree just love them! Esspecially Sappire.Thank you Mike!!

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