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4000 Superworms

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Winter Protection (+$3.00)


What is Weather Protection

A 40 hour heat pack is used as weather protection when temperatures are between 30 degrees and 50 degrees. Some insects like the heat and cannot handle the cold very well. A 40 hour heat pack is all the warmth they need during shipping.

There is a $3.00 charge for this service. Please see our shipping policy to ensure your shipment has the live arrival guarantee. 

(Zophobas morio)

Another excellent pet food source. Superworms are the larvae of a beetle and are loaded with protein. Superworms are approximately 2" long, have a soft body and a super long life span. Our Superworms are sold by 100's, 250's, 500's or 1000's.

Superworms should be stored in a plastic box, without a lid, at room temperature. Feed only small bits of vegetable matter, but not more than they will eat in a day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not refrigerate Superworms. It will kill them.

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