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Bulk Packed Crickets Overnight Shipping Included!

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Introducing Bulk Wholesale! Order large quantities and save lots! Priority Overnight shipping is included anywhere in the continental US! The total shipment is 42 boxes of crickets in 7 different bundles!

Each bundle consists of 6 boxes which you can customized into 2 different sizes! Thats 14 different options you can customize!

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3K Adults (3 boxes @ 1000 per box)

6K 3/4 (3 Boxes @ 2000 per box)

12K 1/2 (3 Boxes @ 4000 per box)

24K 1/4 (3 Boxes @ 8000 per box)

Comes in boxes of 6. Total bundles 7 

Overnight shipping included anywhere in the Continental USA!

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