Cactus For Your Bearded Dragon
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Cactus Leaves

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We all know that a varied diet is the best diet for you and your animals. 

We have researched great staple veggies for your Bearded Dragons. We know that collard greens and dandelion greens can make great staples. But just like us, this isnt enough variety in their diet. So after some time and nutritional analysis we found that chopped up fresh cactus leaves are a fantastic staple for your Bearded Dragons!

After some experimenting (making sure our beardies would eat them) we found that cactus was a huge success!

Being naturally high in calcium, low in fat and high in water, cactus leaves are great to add hydration and calcium to their diet regurlary.

As it is a vegetable please make sure to keep refrigerated to keep the cactus fresh for as long as possible. 

We have already washed, dethorned and chopped the cactus. However, you may need to cut the cactus finer for smaller animals to suit your needs.

The cactus is sent in a small 8 oz cup

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