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Deluxe PVC Cage 40 Gallon White

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Our newest product! Currently available in 20 Gallon and 40 Gallon Size (More sizes currently being designed and tested)
Full Glass sliding doors to avoid typical reptile scratches
Easy to assemble with just a screw driver!

Front Sliding Doors

Comes in Black Or White

Vented Sides For Air Flow

Built-In Digital Thermometer

Durable PVC Construction

3 Built-In Light Sockets With Switches. Do Not Exceed 50 Watts(in 20 Gal) and 70 watts (in 40 Gal)

Flat Packed for convenience of shipping and storage

20 Gallon Dimensions In Inches: 11.8L x 29.5W x 13.7H 14.4lbs

40 Gallon Dimensions In Inches: 18L x 36W x 18H 31lbs. (This One)

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