Large Dubia Roaches
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Dubia (Blaptica dubia) Large (3/4") 25

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We ship approximately 3/4"+ and some are bigger sized roaches. All roaches are shipped in a cloth bag.

These roaches are attractive feeders as they don't climb or fly. Depending on the temperature you keep your roaches, they can achieve adult stage in 3 to 5 months and live up to another 5-8 months. 

The Dubia roach is a live bearing species of insect. Due to this, they are an ideal feeder to keep for those who like to breed their food. The adult male Dubia Roach has wings where the female does not.

Due to USFW regulation, Dubia Roaches are unable to be shipped to Florida

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by on December 1, 2023

HOLY CRAP! I’m a new beardie owner but experienced beardie-sitter (took on my buddy’s adult beardie when he fell on hard times, but cared for her many times when he was out of town). He told me that he orders 400 mediums at a time, but the mediums were sold out here and I needed some ASAP. So I figured, large ones will be fine, I’ll go 100 large and 200 small until mediums are back in stock. THESE ARE SO BIG THEY HAVE FACES!!! I legit freaked the hell out when I started to empty them from the bag. (I don’t do well with bugs generally, but I was okay with the medium dubs.) These guys are MASSIVE! I give five stars, because holy crap they exceeded expectations! And because service and delivery was top notch. I was worried about the frigid temps, but my buggies arrived with a heat pack, a chunk of red pepper (I think?) that they were feeding on, and were quite lively (much to my terror! LOL). This is my first order and I’m totally inexperienced in this realm, but if this is what I can expect from this company, you’ve got a customer for life! My buddy recommended you as the best dubia source and I am not disappointed. I ordered the night before we experienced some very unseasonably low temps in our region (I’m just up the highway in SC), and you timed shipment so my buggies wouldn’t end up on a 30 degree porch (took a day longer than anticipated but made total logical sense, no complaints!) And you included the heat pack. You guys rock and you’re my Dubia source for life. Very satisfied, all the stars and 11/10 recommend!

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by on October 16, 2023

Loved it, absolutely perfect except for the packaging. I’m referring to the cloth they come inside of other than that Id 100% recommend!!

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