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Dubia (Blaptica dubia) Small (1/4"-3/8") 100

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Our dubias are raised in-house, so we can ensure you're getting the absolute best quality roaches!

  • These roaches do not climb or fly.
  • Some amount of variation in size is normal and expected, as these are a natural product.
  • Remember when feeding insects with a hard outer shell (crickets, roaches, etc.), they should never be larger than the space between your pet's eyes.

Due to USFW regulation, dubia roaches are unable to be shipped to Florida.

For more information about caring for your dubias, click here.

Please review our Shipping Policy before placing an order.

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by on June 25, 2022

I bought these for my baby beardie and he was soooo excited to try them! I bought 100 not knowing he would love them so much. I’ll be back Monday to buy more and bigger quantity. The staff is so amazing and helpful! I am a newbie of one week to dragons and so thankful we have this amazing business right in town.

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