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Gecko Diet Food

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Introducing all new Nutri-Cricket™ Gecko diet!

This formula is a well-balanced nutritional diet that can be offered daily for juvenile, adult and breeder frugivore geckos. Frugivore geckos can and should be offered appropriate sized crickets or other insects at least 1-2 times per month for adults, 3-4 times per month for juveniles. Gut-loading crickets and/or dusting with our calcium powder supplement is advised. 

Made with 100% all natural ingredients and organic fruit! Each ingredient was carefully selected for its nutritional contribution for a perfect balance that has proven to maintain optimal health for frugivorus reptiles! No fillers or additives No flavoring or enhancers! It simply is what is!

Directions for use: Mix Gecko Diet with water to a milkshake like consistency. Our Gecko Diet will thicken after 15 minutes. After our Gecko Diet has thickened, serve to your pet and watch them enjoy!

Ingredients: High Protein Crickets, Organic Bananas, Organic Strawberries and Organic Honey!

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