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Large Crickets (3/4") 50

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Important note: Crickets tend to go dormant in cold weather. If you receive crickets that appear dead, please allow a few hours for them to warm up to room temperature before contacting customer service.

Our Premium Disease Free, Pest Free, Live Crickets. 

  • Many cricket farmers have tried to produce a cricket that is as healthy and hearty as ours, but few have succeeded. We cut no corners when it comes to raising our crickets. If you've ordered from other sources in the past, you're sure to appreciate the pristine quality and professional packaging that we've worked so hard to provide to you.
  • Buy in bulk for an even better value.
  • Some amount of variation in size is normal and expected, as these are a natural product.
  • Remember when feeding insects with a hard outer shell (crickets, roaches, etc.), they should never be larger than the space between your pet's eyes.

How long can I keep my crickets alive?

  • The life span of a cricket is 8 to 10 weeks. Our small crickets are around 3-4 weeks old, mediums are 5-6 weeks, and larges are 7-9 weeks old.
  • Your goal should be to order at least a month's supply at a time, so it's best to order more smaller crickets and allow them to grow. 
  • All of the products that you need to feed your crickets for that month can be found in our Kricket Complete Kit

For more information about caring for your crickets, click here.

Please review our Shipping Policy before placing an order!

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by on June 11, 2023

I have made many purchases with Premium Crickets over the years and have always been impressed. Everything has always arrived alive and very healthy. Recently, I ordered some crickets and the box came with egg crate, potato wedges, but not the first cricket. I emailed them and told them what happened, and they quickly replied, apologizing for the mistake. The next day, I had a box of crickets on my front porch. After making something like that right so easily, they made them a lifetime customer!

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by on March 21, 2024

Held up so much better than pet store crickets

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