Mealworm Habitat: 3 Growing Pod
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Mealworm Habitat: 3 Growing Pod

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The Mealworm Growing Pods. Save money, be more sustainable and have access to higher-quality pet & animal feed! Our pods are a unique 3-tiered design that creates the ideal ecosystem for a constant supply of mealworms. Produce 150g - 300g of mealworms per tray. The ideal and sustainable solution for cheaper feed for your fish, poultry, birds or reptiles. Recycle your fruit and vegetable waste with our mealworm pods. Turn your waste feed into high-quality pet feed. Perforated lids keep colonies well oxygenated while simplifying harvesting of frass (castings) through sifting. Indoor cultivation recommended. Expandable vertically. Made in the UK.

1000 medium mealworms and one bag of 8oz worm chow are included with each purchase.

  • Innovative, stackable design saves space without suffocating tray below
  • Perforated lids with carbon filters mitigated potential odors and simplifies harvesting of frass (castings)
  • Fabricated in the United Kingdom from 100% recycled refrigerator freezer resins (plastic polymers)
  • Each tray has a 1.25 gallon capacity | 7.43 liters - Each kit comes with 3 pods

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