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Medium Superworms 100

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Superworms are the larvae of a darkling beetle (Zophobas morio). They are loaded with protein and have a soft exoskeleton, making them easier to digest than mealworms.

  • Our small superworms are approximately a 1/2 inch long, mediums are about 1 inch, and larges are 1.5-2 inches.
  • Important reminder: Some amount of variation in size is normal and expected, as these are a natural product.

Bulk superworms should be stored at room temperature in a well-ventilated plastic tub. 
Do not refrigerate superworms. It will kill them.

For more information about caring for your superworms, click here.

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by on December 8, 2022

My first time using Premium Crickets during the last sale on crickets. I ended up with 500 crickets 100 super worms 200 mealworms everything was perfect. I picked up at my appointment time and was on my way back home in no time! I will be a loyal customer from hear on out! Premium Crickets my Beardie and Gecko thank you! Beverly

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