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NutriCricket Calcium (No D3) 5 pack

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NutriCricket Calcium



Coat your crickets with Nutri-Cricket™ calcium dust every other feeding.  Crickets have an exoskeleton and cannot molt if they ingest too much calcium.  If they can't molt, they will die prematurely.  People who "gut load" their crickets will large amounts of calcium will see an early die-off of their crickets. 

We looked hard and found the highest quality calcium on the market.  This calcium is used in industrial applications where purity is critical.  Now, we bring it to the reptile market so you can have a healthy pet at an affordable price.

Weight - 4oz. (1/4 lb.)

Calcium Properties

Calcium Carbonate, CaC03


Iron Oxide, Fe2O3


Silicon Oxide, SiO2


Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3


Magnesium Oxide, MgO


Instructions for Use

The calcium will be shipped to you in a plastic bag.  When you are ready to feed crickets to your reptile, transfer 6 to 8 crickets to the inside of the plastic bag and close.  Shake the calcium bag  with the crickets inside for a short period of time.  Transfer the calcium coated cricket to your reptile cage.

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