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NutriCricket Insect Water 5 Pack

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Cricket Water


Provide a clean, safe and convenient moisture source for crickets and feeder insects. Our Nutri-Cricket™ Cricket Water Concentrate is in Crystal form. Add some water and you have the same stuff you see in hydrated form in the Pet Stores - at a fraction of the cost.

Our cricket water has NO Additives. High levels of calcium ingested by crickets will cause them to develop a brittle, hard-to-digest exoskeleton and lead to premature death.

At our cricket farm, we find that 1000 crickets drink 1/2 cup of water a day. So one gallon of hydrated Cricket Water will keep 1000 crickets quenched for over 40 days!


We have the best price anywhere for our product!



  • Eliminate the problem of crickets drowning in water
  • Cut your cricket smell in half!
  • Forget about your worries about deadly bacteria growing in sponges, towels, or water feeders
  • Enjoy convenience - just scoop into a bowl and place in cricket cage - when done just throw away!

Our product is completely benign to the environment. Only use this to hydrate crickets or other insects and worms. While your reptile can safely consume our Cricket Water Concentrate, they will fill up quickly and not have the appetite for their regular meal.

Directions for Use

Add contents of package into 1 gallon of water.  Let sit for approximately four hours.  The crystals will turn into beads which can be used in small amounts to add to your cricket or roach cage.

There is no need to refrigerate the cricket water once made.  If the water dehydrates over time, simply add more water to rehydrate.

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