Odor Control Solution from Premium Crickets.
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Odor Control 5 Pack

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Odor Control


Tired of the smell of crickets? Look no further! Try Nutri-Cricket™ Odor Control! Empty this bag of a high quality Vermiculite Blend on the bottom of your cricket bin to absorb any smells.  Vermiculite is a natural high absorbent mineral that is not harmful to the cricket.

Once you make your bedding of Nutri-Cricket™ Odor Control, spread your Cricket Food on the top.

Contains 1 Large Bag of Premium Crickets Vermiculite Odor Control.  This is a much higher grade of Vermiculite that you will find in stores.  Controls the smell of up to 2000 crickets.

Can also be used as bedding for reptile eggs in incubators.

Contents - 32 Fluid Oz.

"This stuff is a miracle for the nasty odors associated with keeping crickets. Highly recommended!"

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