Why Premium Crickets
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Why Premium Crickets


The highest quality crickets on the market!

Crickets are not as easy to grow as one might think.  The secret lies in the ability of the grower to provide a 'Stress Free' growing environment.   If you put too many crickets in a brooder, they stress - if the temperatures are too hot or cold, they stress - if there are parasites (like the Black Larva Beetle), they stress - if there isn't enough food or water, they stress - you get the picture. 


I was just emailing you to comment on the quality of your crickets. They are awesome!!! I have personally been feeding crickets to my reptiles for about 6 years now and have ordered from all of the largest cricket breeders. But i have found out that the cheaper crickets from the bigger cricket farm breeders are just as that, not as healthy and full of bugs other than that of crickets (ie. wooly bugs, spiders, beetles, etc.).

A healthy cricket, like yours Mike, do not carry all of these extra parasites for which I am grateful. Every box seems to have at least a 10% overfill. Since I have started feeding your crickets I have noticed that my reptiles are healthier and for this I thank you. Please keep up the great work and I will tell everyone about you.


Matt White


The Absolute Best Place to Grow Crickets

To grow crickets successfully, you need the proper blend of temperature and humidity.  Crickets breath through their skin (exoskeleton) and if there is not enough humidity they stress and die prematurely.  Too much humidity and they tend to be prone to disease.

Crickets love warmer temperatures.  The ideal temperature range is from 80 to 90 degrees.  In Mississippi, we enjoy warm temperatures with ample humidity to grow your cricket in a healthy and happy manner.

Hello Mike,

I’ve been ordering crickets from you for the past several months. My daughter has a bearded dragon and makes me promise to order only from you. She stands over my shoulder when I’m placing the order online to make sure I only visit your website.... You’ve been “bookmarked”.

Your crickets ALWAYS arrive when promised, and are ALWAYS in great condition. I’d also like to thank you for the comprehensive videos and tutorials online which have shown her how to care for the crickets. We have increased our orders from 250 to 1,000 as we’ve gained confidence in caring for them. You make it easy, and at 10 years old, she is caring for her animal like a pro.

Thanks again for being the most reliable online supplier we’ve had the pleasure to deal with.


Same great service for the Large and Individual Customers

There are bigger cricket farms out there, but our customers tell us that our product and service is working well for them.

Hi Mike,

I would like to say how much my coworkers and I appreciate the service you and your company have provided during the last couple of years that we've been working with you. As you know, my lab has hundreds of amphibians that we must feed daily. We initially assumed that a large supplier like Fluker's or Southern Cricket would be the only ones capable of meeting our high demand, but it turned out that those vendors provided terrible service and a sub-par product. Sometimes it seemed like we were ordering fruit flies and wooly worms instead of crickets!

Once we switched over to you, these problems pretty much went away. The crickets you provided were lively and always numerous, and came with little or no pest insects at all. I'm personally very thankful that you always cleared up the rare errors that occurred, and you did so promptly and never though to charge us extra for it. As far as I'm concerned, your company is the best supplier this lab has ever had, and I suspect you will be providing us with crickets for a very long time!

Thanks so much,

Derek Toro
UNC-CH, Department of Biology
K. Pfennig Lab
G44 Wilson Hall

Slow Grown Crickets

Many of our customer comment on how "hearty" our crickets are.  We know if we put a lot of protein in the cricket's food, we'll get a cheaper cricket to produce - but one that will die on you quicker.  We grow our crickets real slow so you'll have the healthiest product for your reptile.

Hey Guys!!!

I just wanted to tell you that your company is awesome. I rec'd my order today and all of the crickets were alive. I rec'd my 1000 crickets and the 100 phoenix worms. And you included the 500 from the problem with my last order. You guys are great. I couldn't ask for better service. I have told everyone I know about your company. I hope that it generates a lot of business for you. You guys deserve it. Thank you so much for everything!! Talk to ya next month for my next order!!


Kim Fatic

Extreme Overcounts

When you place your order with Premium Crickets you won't have to worry about the crickets that get injured in shipment.  We put between 10 and 15 percent more crickets in each shipment FREE.


I just wanted to provide you some feedback. I have three Gecko's and a Bearded Dragon that I purchased back in November of last year. Needless to say I go through a ton of Crickets, and getting them at PetSmart was really expensive, so I tried mail order to reduce my cost. I placed two orders with you. Both were received on time with very little dead loss. Of course rough count the dead loss was more than covered as it appears you put about 600-650 crickets in the 500 counts. Not bad considering only 10-20 were dead.

So for my third order I figured I might as well try your competition in my area. Well about all I can say is they cost a little extra and that cost probably pays for their nice little box that advertises their business instead of a plain brown cricket box. Their crickets came to me with 400 live at best. AND they have been the WORST smelling batch of crickets from the moment I opened the box. I keep the crickets pretty clean but no matter how clean I kept them they STUNK!

I've tried your competition and they stink! (pun intended) You've got my business from now on! Why try buying from someone else when you're getting quality with your current supplier! Thank you so much from us that your crickets don't stink!


Scott Hutchinson

Guaranteed Live Arrival

Our LIVE PRODUCTS are guaranteed to be delivered live if you if the following is met:

Choose Winter Packaging if temperatures are below 50.
Selection of "FedEX Priority Overnight" Shipping service if your temperature from the time we ship to the time FedEX delivers is below 30.
Be present to accept the package.

We only guarantee crickets worms that are ordered of a quantity 500 or above. If you order a smaller amount and they arrive dead, we will add worms to your next order to compensate for your loss.

If your temperatures go below 40 degrees, to get the live delivery guarantee, you must choose the FedEX Priority Overnight shipping method.
If your temperatures go below 30 degrees, all guarantees are void. We will ship it regardless so please call us and have us hold the shipment until better weather permits!

We do not offer money back guarantees once an order is placed.
Please note that when the temperatures are cold, a heat pack and double box are required to get the replacement. Worm orders need to be sent overnight if your temperature is 90 degrees or above to receive guarantee. See the individual order pages for the temperature guidelines.

$4.95 Order Reprocessing Fee

In the event you receive a dead box of crickets or worms. We charge a $4.95 fee to reprocess and reship your order. On average, we only have to reship .5% of all our orders.


Hi Mike,

I just wanted to send you a current letter. I have been through several illnesses with my bearded dragons and haven't needed to order as much up til now. I was very pleased to see you offering butterworms as we have started to use them! My last couple of orders have been fantastic. The superworms were 100% alive. Now that I am feeding 6 dragons my needs are even greater. I appreciate the prices you offer as they are slightly less that some of the other recommended online suppliers. Your shipping prices are more than competitive as well. I just wanted to thank you for your great product and shipping. I continue to recommend Premium Crickets to new reptile owners and as a general link on our beardeddragons.org forum for people looking for on-line suppliers.

Jill Hirsch (registred e-mail jillze1@comcast.net)

PS- Thanks for your contribution to the article about feeder worms in the past Reptile Magazine publication.
Customer Friendly

We give you a variety of ways to do business with Premium Crickets.  This website is available 24 hours a day as a convenient method to place orders.

Hi Mike,

I really appreciate the quality of your crickets and your standing behind the product- I had to purchase some crickets locally last weekend (to carry me while you refilled the order) and when I opened the box the crickets were full of black bugs, some weird worms, and they were not very healthy- it really made me appreciate the quality of your product.

Keith Eazsol

Sonny's Marine
5820 W. Colonial Dr.
Orlando, FL. 32808


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a truly pleasant transaction. I tried buying from three other sources and didn't come away a happy customer. One wouldn't ship, another I received nothing from, not even a reply to my emails or phone calls. In fact I had to contact my credit card company because I never received the crickets or a response to my communication. I bought a few times from the third company, but wasn't entirely satisfied with them either.

I must say after my first transaction with Premium Crickets, I'm very satisfied. Thanks again for a smooth transaction. I look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

Chris Baker

How do we count crickets?

We get this question every day.  Maybe this video will help answer that question.




I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with the insects you offer.

I actually work in a large pet shop, and while the crickets we sell are good, they are overpriced and not nearly as healthy as the orders I get from Premium Crickets. I've tried other suppliers as well, and nothing compares!

I keep a very large community vivarium, and it's great to have a supplier that offers the highest quality product at a good price, with fast shipping.

My herps are happy, and so am I!



Dear Mike,

I am so glad I can count on you every time I need crickets. I have never received a bad order and the crickets arrive here fast, too. They are healthy and last me a long time.

Now I am going to start ordering superworms from you as well, and I am sure they will be just as healthy. I am very happy with your company. You have a customer for life!

Ashley Wilkin  


Hello Mike

I just wanted to drop a line your way and let you know how impressed I am with my order. I recently had a HORRIBLE experience ordering crickets, and upon the advice from another reptile breeder tried premium crickets. I am a brand new reptile owner, and the problems that I had really made me nervous about ordering online again.

I was SO pleased today when I got my order! The crickets are exactly the size I wanted, they are clean, healthy, and EVERY SINGLE ONE was alive when I unpacked them! As an added bonus, the order was about $10 less than the previous two that I got from the other company. Also, the box that they were shipped in is way more convenient to unpack - the small size fit right inside the aquarium and I didn't have one on the outside of the tank - it took less than two minutes to empty the contents!

You have a customer for life, thank you so much! I look forward to doing business with you again, and will most certainly be recommending your company in the future!



Hi Mike,

I just wanted to let you know that this week was the first week that I ordered from your company and am pleased to say that the crickets arrived healthy with not a single dead cricket. This is a great improvement from the last company I ordered from. When their crickets arrived I didn't get the correct number that I ordered, about 1/10 of them were dead, and they seemed malnourished.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you and to tell you to keep up the great job your company is doing.


Craig Nessel



My first, second and all subsequent cricket and Superworm orders arrived on time. I was VERY pleased with both the quality and the count of the insects. It appears that you put an extra 15-25% more crickets than ordered and NO EXTRA insects I don't want! THANKS and please put me on the AUTOMATIC order system so I can receive my insects without having to think about it.


Alan D. Bosch


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